• joan.photoart@gmail.com

    Absolutely outstanding work John! I love the way you capture your subjects in the act of everyday comings and goings, and your landscapes are breathtaking.
    Thank you!

    • jobenaus

      Thanks Joan! Great to meet you!

  • Heather Meunier

    Awesome work, John! You captured “life” in each photo; a real talent with much patience. Well done.

    • jobenaus

      Thanks Heather!

  • Ed Deutschmann

    The Photo’s are beautiful, You have a good eye for nature! It takes a lot of patience and time to wait for those perfect shots!

    • jobenaus

      Thanks Ed! Being out in nature is cheaper than therapy 🙂 I guess all those years hanging out in the bush when we were growing up took hold.

  • Cheryl Arena

    Beautiful stuff John. Love the favorites gallery.

    • jobenaus

      Thanks Cheryl!

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